Name- WorldHome Collection From Puravankara

Locations – Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai

Vision – Envisaging the homes of the future under an exclusive collection hand-picked from the best of the world.

The Challenge

Puravankara is a reputed group with over 4 decades of experience. Though the brand is associated with ‘Trust’ and ‘Quality’, the growing need for luxury housing and a whole new evolution of The Upwardly Mobile Affluent Young Segment, necessitated a new facelift for the brand without disintegrating its existing repertoire.

Thus there was an inherent need to uplift the face value of not just the project, but the location in its entirety.

The Methodolgy

• Puravankara as a brand believes in pioneering the next.

• Technologies like BluNex and the innovations like Miyawaki Forest themes add much more tangible value to not just a product but the brand.

• Amenities like World’s Largest Air Purifying Towers, make the brand stand apart.

• World class architecture and design associations, prove that only the best is delivered.

If all these were branded like one, it will create a segment that caters to not just luxury segment, but the evolving Young and Affluent target group.
Noteworthy people from the world-over thought through every product in the collection

World renowned German Architect, Hadi Tehrani

Andy Fisher, AFW, Singapore

4 projects were planned with immaculate perfection.
Inspirations from the world over, took shape in the WorldHome projects
'The brand took shape as exclusive product experiences'
Even in the Pandemic times, the e-launch added confidence and a positive approach
A meaningful positioning and enticing communication

The Results

 Exhibition Design

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